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HDA Pratt is a Fantasy Author who has four self-published novels. His debut novel Flighty: A Magical Creature Novella and it's sequel Nerdiver: A Magical Creature Novella are based upon two different creatures and a fight for their destiny's to begin. A Magical Creature Series is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook. His novel The Sleepless Night Creature is the first in a trilogy about a vampire who's past may hold the key to his future. His newest novel Worthy is the first Epic adventure in The Elemental Cycle about three friends dragged into a world of element wielding powers.

Born in 1993, HDA gained his obsession with fantasy, magic & sci-fi early in his life with the help of his parents and life long friend Joanna. Giving him the first book he truly read alone, Joanna set him off with a story that has inspired him even now. Lord Loss by Darren Shan.

With more books flowing out of him daily, HDA cannot wait to spread his stories, it's characters and their adventures with the world.

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